The village has amazing agrotourism accommodations with all amenities, listed on booking sites such as tripadvisor, etc. rated very highly amongst the whole Larnaca district.

For exercise and enjoyment of the natural environment, nature trails were created. One is 7 km long roundtrip, and follows a magical path, alternating along the St. Minas stream and mountaintops. The trail starts from the center of the village, passing the chapel of Our Lady of Love and returns to the center of the village. It takes about 3 hours. Another nature trail, 3.4 kilometers, gives the opportunity to enjoy nature within 1 ½ hour.

The trails were built with funds from the Rural Development Programme, managed by the Forestry Department. Brochures on the trails can be obtained from the office of the Community Council.

Recently the restoration of a traditional well (Havouza) took place. It was used between 1917 to 1925 as the main source of drinking water for many of the villagers. This element of the traditional heritage of Vavla is located at the exit of the village close to the old school and church of St. George. The funding for this project also came from the Rural Development Programme managed by the Forestry Department.