There are three churches and a monastery in Vavla.

The largest church of the village is dedicated to St George.

There are three churches and a monastery in Vavla.

The second largest church is dedicated to Archangel Michael and located at the entrance of the village. It has recently been renovated.

There was an old “iconostat”, a true work of art, but it was almost destroyed because of negligence.

The “iconostat” was replaced with a new one, but several authentic pieces were restored and now exhibited in several locations in the church .

There are three churches and a monastery in Vavla.

The third church is a chapel, called Our Lady of Love, which is located 3 kilometers north of the village on the banks of the St. Minas stream, which crosses Vavla in an idyllic landscape. It is the only church in Cyprus and around the world with this name. The church operates once a year, on the Friday of Galilee (one week after Holy Friday), however it is open daily for pilgrims.

Our Lady of Love was rebuilt in 1934 upon foundations of an old church by Spyros Charalambous in memory of his daughter Mary who had died at a young age.

Although the building is relatively new, the icon of Our Lady of Love was created in the 16th century.Years ago, the icon was stolen by looters but was returned to the church after a month , as the people who had stolen it suffered various calamities such as sudden death and incurable diseases. Various stories say that the Virgin Mary herself did not want to be removed, so she made sure her icon was returned to the church to which it belonged. The residents of Vavla traditionally prayed and swore eternal love at this church.

Behind the altar of this church there is a marble, beneath which lies the sacred soil of the Virgin Mary. Residents of Vavla believe that if sacred soil is sprinkled into the coffee or on the back of their partner, eternal love is ensured between the lovers.